5 Instagram Influencers Making Modesty Glamorous

By Krit Khandelwal | July 22, 2018

Raise your hand if your mom ever made you wear the dreaded tankini. You know the ones with the spandex like shorts. My mom is very fashion forward; my teenage closet was always filled with high heels and the latest fashion. However, when it came to swim wear, all bets were off. It was a tankini or bust. I always thought it looked terrible on my petit and curvy figure but alas, mom knew best. 

It was moments like these, where my American upbringing was clashing with my Indian culture and fashion was often at the forefront of this fight. Growing up, it was a constant challenge to be fashionable but modest, to embraces my curves but not show too much skin. To wear what all my white friend were wearing but have it look flattering on my buxom figure.  

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 1.50.21 PM.png

After stumbling, failing, and making some truly horrible fashion decisions, I am ever so grateful for Instagram influencers who are rocking the balance between the two-distinct culture and are defining a unique and glamorous style along the way. Here are some of my favorite influencer that help me figure out my own sense of style. 

Featured: @Codedressed | @thechutneylife | @themonoclemuse | @maryamishah | @_simplysabrina