To Vaastu or Not To Vaastu?

By Krittika | July 2018

When I was little, we lived in this beautiful Spanish hacienda style house in India. It had an entrance in the front of the house and a back entrance, for the staff. One day some Swami came to our house and deemed that the front entrance should no longer be used, and just like that, locks and chains were placed on the iron gates. We were all banished to the stairs in the back of the house.  

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

I was not too pleased with this decision. I was terrified of the back entrance because it was low- lit and geckos would sneak in. However, considering I was seven at the time, I didn’t really have much say in the decision.

Years later when my parents were looking for a house in Atlanta they instantly fell in love with a Georgian Colonial house that had sunlight streaming in, was freshly painted in light shades of cream, and had a white baby grand piano in the formal room. This was it, this was the house they wanted.

Once the papers were signed and they had the keys, a dreaded realization occurred to them. Dum Duum Duuum!... The house was south-facing.

For those of you reading this and thinking, what’s the big deal (much like I was when they bought the house)? Apparently, buying a south facing house or property in Hindu culture is a major no-no. According to Vaastu (think of it as Indian Feng Shui. The literal translation being “science of architecture”), an entrance in the South side of the house brings in a lot of negative energy and misfortune.

Since it was too late to look for another house, they decided that because I had an interest in interior design, this would be the perfect opportunity for me to learn all about Vaastu and “Vaastu proof” the house. This was also when I finally realized why, all those years ago, we stopped using the front entrance of our house in India.

I am not a Vaastu expert by any means but much like astrology, I can’t help but be a bit fascinated by the subject and default to being a bit Vaastu-conscious in all my interior design decisions. While the study of Vaastu is multi-faceted and has a lot of different elements to it, here are four rules that resonated with me and that I choose to follow no matter where I am living.



No black bedding – according to vaastu black bedding creates a somber energy that negatively impacts intimate relationships. This is hard, because black is a fantastic color.

Photo by DAVIDCOHEN on Unsplash.jpg


Don’t let time stop – If you have wall clocks make sure they are always ticking because a ticking clock activates positive energy that impacts happiness and finances. A non- working clock stagnates energy in your home and life. I just all together avoid wall clocks.



Negative or gloomy wall art – unhappy art creates an unhappy mind, so best to decorate with positive quotes and vibrant art.

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If you choose to have a sacred space in the house, it should always be in the North-East side of the house.

Are you a fan of Vaastu? Share your thoughts below.