Meet The Misfits

In 2016, two best friends became unemployed and started a YouTube channel to tell the world about it. The kicker -- they’re Indian. Ya, their parents were REAL proud!

Pavi Dinamani and Namrata “Nammy” Sirur had been best friends for nearly a decade. In 2016, Pavi got laid off from her job as a chemical engineer in the oil & gas industry. Nammy, who had just left corporate life a year ago to work for a startup in Austin, had to quit and come back to Houston for personal reasons. So here they were, two Indian women at prime baby-making age, with no jobs and no babies. Instead, they decided to double down on the whole “black sheep of the community” thing. They started a YouTube channel called The 9to5 MisFits to talk about their current situation. Why?

For one, they felt a strange sense of comfort knowing that they had an “unemployment buddy” to navigate this uncertain phase with. So they wanted to give everyone dealing with unemployment that same sense of comfort and community. Because let’s face it, no amount of productivity blogs or TED Talks can inspire action the same way a friend can.

Secondly, as Desis, they were sick of hiding their unemployment like a shameful secret. They wanted to tackle the stigma once and for all. By started an open and honest dialogue about it and telling their stories, they hoped to normalize the conversation and help others tap into the power of community.

Pavi and Nammy had no experience with video production. Having spent nearly a decade in corporate at traditional 9 to 5 jobs, this was their first foray into entrepreneurship or content creation. But the best advice they got was “just start and figure it out along the way”. And so they did.

A year and a half later, they’d made 100 videos, and people started to take notice. Friends and acquaintances asked if they were up for hire, and that’s when they realized they were on to something. They started taking video clients on a freelance basis and a few months later, they decided to start MisFit Communications, their video marketing company.

As for content, they still make videos that help people crush unemployment, build their brand, and kick ass in their career. They’re constantly looking to surround themselves with other content creators, especially women, who are defying traditional stereotypes.

On a recent roadtrip, Nammy decided to check out The Modern Indian podcast when her audiobook stopped working. She fell in love and binge listened to all their episodes the entire way. “They talk like us. It’s like being in a conversation with your friends. I was yelling YESS at times, and I was completing their sentences”, she would later tell Pavi.

Naturally, they had to team up with TMI -- it was a match made in content heaven!