Modern Indian Podcast

Hello, are you listening? 

In 2018 we both reluctantly swipped right and then met for coffee. A 30 minute networking meeting turned into a 2 hours conversation about anything and everything. During that and subsequently other conversations we kept coming back to how, despite being an American and a Canadian their was so much of our Indian heritage that defined our life experiences and who we are. 

This is a podcast about two women, navigating life while trying to find balance between their modern western culture and a traditional Indian heritage. 

Join us weekly for conversations about sex, drugs, politics, and everything else that our Indian parents didn't talk to us about. 




Krittika (Krit)

Before deciding to share her highly opinionated self on a podcast, Krittika was quietly building a vintage journal brand from the ground up.

Krittika was born in India and moved to the States when she was 9. Spending her youth in India, her teens in Chicago, her twenties in Atlanta, and now building a life in San Francisco, she has a unique perspective on culture, people, and society.

Check out her work at www.Soothi.com



Shipra had a very stereotypical past with getting into an arranged married at 22 and first kid by 25. But then she moved to Canada and she found herself questioning the “norms” 

The journey from her traditional beginning to her current point of impact as the Head of Strategic Partnerships with well established Ethnic Advertising Agency, has been full of surprises and maneuvers. She gained recognition as being the festival Director of the biggest south asian music festival in Toronto.

She is now balancing life as an executive, mother, wife, daughter-in- law and a typical Modern Indian!


Check her out : https://bit.ly/2J627g7     https://bit.ly/2NAwzmb